Nijmegen has multiple cinemas to offer, although not all of them show movies without subtitles. Here is an overview of the main cinemas in the city.

Online community with an overview of meet-ups for expats, in a variety of locations and different dates.

Nimegue accueil:
Organises meet-ups around a variety of topics and themes, for French-speaking expats. More information on their website.

Meeting point for LGBTs, with a variety of meetings, lunches, activities and parties each month. More information on their website.

Church services:
Eglise Wallone: 
Twice a year, on a Sunday from 17:00h until 18:00h, the Stevenskerk holds a church service in French, organised by the Eglise Wallone. 

Studentenkerk Nijmegen (Students Church):
Every Sunday from 17:00h until 18:00h, the Studentenkerk Nijmegen holds a celebration of Mass in English. More information on their facebook page The church also organises a "meet and eat" every Wednesday. Here you can meet (fellow) students and eat together. It costs € 2,50 to participate. 

Arnhem-Nijmegen Chaplaincy: 
Every first and third Sunday of the month Services take place in English. Every other Sunday it takes place in Arnhem. Every 5th Sunday of the month, the service changes location between Nijmegen and Arnhem. Address: Prof. Regoutstraat 23; 6524 RZ Nijmegen

Roman Catholic Philippines community: 
Services every 3rd Sunday at 15:00. Address: Heemraadstraat 6, 6525 TH Nijmegen

International Christian Fellowship: 
Services (non-denominational fellowship) in house church on every 2nd or 4th Sunday of the month at 14:00 at Kannunik van Mulicomstraat 20, Nijmegen.

Bethel Pentecostal Temple: 
Indonesian/Dutch services, every Sunday at 14:00 at the Fanfarestraat 57, Nijmegen

Islamitisch cultureel centrum Nijmegen (Abibakr): 
Biggest Islamic cultural centre which also hosts services. Address: Pastoor Zegersstraat 75, Nijmegen

Nederland Israëlitische gemeente Nijmegen:
Synagogue offers bi-weekly services and in addition during almost every Jewish festivals. Address: Nonnenstraat 19, Nijmegen.

In the area of Nijmegen there are a lot of options if you want to go sporting. 

Nijmegen boasts a vibrant city centre with many cafes and restaurants. You can find everything from a simple take-away to upscale establishments where eating becomes an experience.

A variety of museums on different topics can be found in and around Nijmegen. Below a small overview:

Museum Het Valkenhof
Apart from the Valkhofpark and the city entrance, the Museum might just be Nijmegen’s most famous building. It hosts exhibitions on (modern) art, history and archeology.

Museum De Bastei
Brand new, partially below-ground museum on Antiquities, nature and the history of Nijmegen. Located at the base of the Valkhofpark, with a view on the Waal river and the city’s old fortifications.

This museum lets you enter the world of the blind and visually impaired, using innovation and experience. Find out what it is like to be blind, by taking a tour in the dark, or a ‘blind’ walk around the city.

The Netherlands is a country of bicycles! Here you will learn all about the development of bikes and their uses through the last century.

A special museum in the green Heilig Landstiching area. Learn about Jewish, Arabic and Roman culture and history, as well as nature and archeology, in this 30-hectare park.

St. Stevens Church
One of the most visible buildings in the city. Open to public, exhibitions and, on selected days, a climb to the top of the tower. Enjoy the spectacular view over the city from this special vantage point.

Nijmeegse Vierdaagse - 4 days March
Every year in the third week of July, Nijmegen plays host to the biggest hiking event in the world.

The Honig factory is a very special event location in Nijmegen. It used to be the old factory of Honig, where they made vermicelli, soup and noodles.
Besides multiple (food)markets, events and fairs there are organised yearely, you will find several restaurants and one of the Nijmegen brewery. A very fancy surrounding with an industrial atmosphere.

News & Updates

BSR - municipality taxes

Recently you might have received an email of the Belasting Service Rivierenland (BSR) that requests you to  pay a certain amount in 2 terms. This is for the municipality tax. 
The BSR is a tax for the water regulation, pollution tax, etc. You usually pay the tenancy part. If you don't have received any mail; it might have been sent to your DigID account! 


Where to go


Once you are settled in Nijmegen, you would like to know where to go. We will advice you where you should go to eat, sip, and find the best spots to go in the Nijmegen area.

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Finding a House

The Expatdesk Nijmegen is specialized in renting and letting housing accommodations for expats. Over more then 10 years of experience with helping expats to find the right house in Nijmegen or surroundings.
Trough this website you'll find the necessary information that you need once you need a (temporary) housing accommodation in Nijmegen.

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