Parking permits
When you are living in an area where you pay for parking, you can request a permit from the local authorities. For this to work, you need to be registered at the address for which you are requesting the permit. The request takes about five working days to go through and the permit costs around € 20,- per month.

You can also get a permit registered to your license plate for the following areas:

In these paid zones resident can also get a permit. Keep in mind that waiting lists might exist. For ring streets and the city center, special conditions are attached to the use of a permit.

Parking for visitors:

When you live in an area where you pay for parking, it is possible for your visitors to benefit from a reduced tariff. To apply for this, you need to register with the parking app on You will receive a login and PIN code, allowing you to upload, either online or through the app, credits to a maximum of 500 hours per year for €0,20 per hour. You note down the time of arrival and departure as well as the license plate number of your visitor, and credits on your account are used. You can register more than one car at a time.

Parking garages:

Several parking garages allow for residents of the area to apply for a subscription, allowing you to enter day and night. A subscription will cost around € 38,- a month. Examples of participating parking garages are Plein 1944, Keizer Karelplein and Eiermarkt. An overview of parking garages in Nijmegen is displayed below.


News & Updates

BSR - municipality taxes

Recently you might have received an email of the Belasting Service Rivierenland (BSR) that requests you to  pay a certain amount in 2 terms. This is for the municipality tax. 
The BSR is a tax for the water regulation, pollution tax, etc. You usually pay the tenancy part. If you don't have received any mail; it might have been sent to your DigID account! 


Where to go


Once you are settled in Nijmegen, you would like to know where to go. We will advice you where you should go to eat, sip, and find the best spots to go in the Nijmegen area.

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Finding a House

The Expatdesk Nijmegen is specialized in renting and letting housing accommodations for expats. Over more then 10 years of experience with helping expats to find the right house in Nijmegen or surroundings.
Trough this website you'll find the necessary information that you need once you need a (temporary) housing accommodation in Nijmegen.

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