In the Netherlands, it is common to get your property, health and risks insured. There are several types of insurances, whereby the ones explained below could be of interest to you.

Shortly after your arrival in the Netherlands you will also receive a letter from “Zorginstituut Nederland” (a public health care institute, part of the Ministry of Public Health), stating that you must take out a health insurance within three months after arrival. This is compulsory for every resident of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, this letter will be written in Dutch. If you have any questions regarding this insurance or the letter, you can contact the “Sociale Verzekeringsbank” (SVB, the Social Insurance Bank) through Please note that -in case you want to visit a medical specialist, you first have to apply for an appointment with the general practitioner.

Liability Insurance
Though a liability insurance for private persons (“aansprakelijkheidsverzekering particulieren, or AVP) you are covered for damages you cause to another person’s property, or when you (unintentionally) bring them harm. It could be that your employer will offer you such an insurance, or that your landlord will require you to get one.

Examples of things that are covered by an AVP:

  • Personal injuries and property damage you cause onto others
  • Damage caused by your house (such as through falling roof tiles)
  • Damage caused by your pets and guests
  • Damage caused while performing a friendly turn

Contents Insurance
A contents insurance covers damage to your inventory after fire, storm, water damage or burglary. When someone accidentally damages something in your home, this is also covered. For students, special conditions are often available.

Health Insurance
For every inhabitant of the Netherlands, it is compulsory to have a health insurance. With this insurance you are – amongst other things - covered for the costs incurred by doctors, hospitalization, medicines, surgeries and transport with emergency vehicles. You are obliged to take out a basic insurance and it is up to you to include more options if so desired. Your own risk is set at a minimum of €385,-; you are able to raise this amount in order to lower insurance premiums.

Repatriation Insurance
This is an insurance covering the costs you incur when an illness forces you to return to your country of origin. This insurance also covers the costs of returning you home should you come to pass away during your stay.

Car Insurance
In case you plan to buy a car, insurance is compulsory. At the very least you have to take out liability insurance, covering damage done to others. You can opt to extend it to All-Risk insurance, covering your own damage as well. An own-risk almost always applies though.

Home Insurance
In case you own a house, you can insure it against damage caused by fire, storm or burglary. A home insurance will do that for you. Apartments are almost always already covered through the owners association (“Vereniging van Eigenaren”). In that case you do not need to take out a separate insurance.

Next to the insurances discussed in the above, there are several other ones, such as term life insurance, legal insurance and disability insurance. You can contact the insurance agent through the Expatdesk for additional information.


News & Updates

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Recently you might have received an email of the Belasting Service Rivierenland (BSR) that requests you to  pay a certain amount in 2 terms. This is for the municipality tax. 
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